Nine-county region

Located in the Genesee Valley and Finger Lakes areas of upstate New York, the greater Rochester community is rich in natural and human resources. Our legacy is one of social progress as illustrated by the struggles against slavery and for the rights of women. Our economic history has largely been one of innovation and prosperity.

Today, we face a great transition as manufacturing gives way to a less certain and more diverse economy. As this transition creates economic challenges, we are also faced with the test of providing for the physical and social well-being of our diverse community.

More than 1.5 million people live in the nine counties that make up this region (GeneseeLivingstonMonroeOntarioOrleansSenecaWayneWyoming, and Yates). Each County has a Report Card and Summary available. These summaries include general demographic information and trends as well as an assessment of the county's status in those topic areas where meaningful county-level information is available.

"Hard Facts" About Our Region

The table below highlights data from “Hard Facts: Race and Ethnicity in the Nine-County Greater Rochester Area” – ACT Rochester's 2017 Race Report that examines the substantial gaps in educational and economic outcomes among persons of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. Access the "Hard Facts" summary table for any specific Finger Lakes county by clicking on that county's name (to the left of screen).

UPDATED Regional Hard Facts Table A handout 14Aug18.jpg 

County Report Cards

The County Report Cards aggregate data from more than 100 community indicators on the site and use symbols, colors and arrows to provide a quick, at-a-glance overview of the well-being of the county. This data cover the topics of Arts, Culture and Leisure, Children and Youth, Community Engagement, Economy, Education, Financial Self-Sufficiency, Health, Housing, and Public Safety. Click the images below for a comparison of all of the county report card results. 

County Report Card Comparison Long Term Trend_0.JPG            County Report Card Comparisons NYS.jpg