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Latino Profile at a GlanceCGR was engaged by the Ibero American Action League and La Cumbre to develop this Profile of the Hispanic and Latino community in Monroe County. This report updates previous reports from 2000, 2003 and 2012 and is aimed at providing both big-picture and granular information about how Hispanic and Latino residents of Monroe County are faring on a variety of socioeconomic indicators. Highlights include:

  • A majority of Hispanic residents continue to be of Puerto Rican heritage: 69%.
  • Hispanic and Latino residents had the youngest population in Monroe County, with 73% younger than 45.
  • A majority of Monroe County Hispanic or Latinos spoke a language other than English, though that share declined from 74% in 2000 to 63% in 2012-16.

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Hard Facts report cover.jpgIn August 2017, ACT Rochester and Rochester Area Community Foundation released a report that documents how the status of African Americans and Latinos in the entire nine-county Rochester region significantly lags their counterparts in New York State and nationwide.

“Hard Facts: Race and Ethnicity in the Nine-County Greater Rochester Area” examines the substantial gaps in educational and economic outcomes among persons of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.

In early 2018, two "Hard Facts" Community Workshops were held in Rochester for caring and concerned citizens in the region to learn more about the details behind the "Hard Facts" data, to confront biases and to better identify systems that keep people of different racial and ethnic backgrounds from succeeding.

Click on the "Hard Facts" cover to read the full report.

INDICATORS - Grouped by Topic
Prenatal Care
Prenatal Care, by Race/Ethnicity
Babies Born with Low Birth Weights
Babies Born with Low Birth Weights, Race/Ethnicity, Monroe County
Infant Mortality Rate
Infant Mortality Rate, Race/Ethnicity, Monroe County
Children with Elevated Blood Lead Levels
Children in Poverty
Children in Poverty, Race/Ethnicity
Single-Parent Families
Single-Parent Families, by Race/Ethnicity
Rate of Child Abuse and Neglect
Rate of Foster Care Admissions
Rate of Teen Pregnancy
Rate of Teen Births
Arts and Culture Attendance
Tourism Spending
Recreation Spending
Voter Registration Rate
Voter Participation Rate
Registered Library Borrowers
Library Visits
Charitable Contributions as a Percentage of Income
Households Without Vehicles
Total Population
Population by Age
Population by Race/Ethnicity
Population by Age and Race/Ethnicity
Disengaged Youth, Ages 16 to 19
Median Household Income
Median Household Income, by Race/Ethnicity
People Living in Poverty
People Living in Poverty, by Race/Ethnicity
Public Assistance Recipients
Approval Rate for Public Assistance Applications
Households Receiving SNAP
Households Receiving SNAP by Race/Ethnicity
Tax Filers Receiving Earned Income Tax Credit
EITC Dollars
Change in Total Jobs
Change in Number of Business Establishments by Sector
Change in Jobs by Sector
Sector Shares of Regional Total Employment
Unemployment Rate
Unemployment Rate by Race/Ethnicity
Average Salary by Sector
Change in Average Salary Since 2000
Change in Average Salary Since 2000 by Sector
Employment-to-Population Ratio
Per-Capita Spending for Local Government
Prekindergarten Participation
School Spending Per Student
Instructional Spending Per Student
Students Receiving Special Education Services
Grade 3 English
Grade 3 English by Student Subgroup
Grade 3 English by Race/Ethnicity
Grade 3 Math
Grade 3 Math by Student Subgroup
Grade 3 Math by Race/Ethnicity
Grade 8 English
Grade 8 English by Student Subgroup
Grade 8 English by Race/Ethnicity
Grade 8 Math
Regents Algebra 1
Regents English
Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate
Cohort Graduation Rate, Beyond Four Years
Four-Year Cohort Graduation Rate by Race/Ethnicity
Education Levels of Adults
Education Levels of Adults by Race/Ethnicity
People Without Health Insurance
Supply of Doctors
Mortality Rate
Chlamydia Rate
Chlamydia Rates, Race/Ethnicity, Monroe County
Gonorrhea Rate
Gonorrhea Rates, Race/Ethnicity, Monroe County
Early Syphilis Rates
Early Syphilis Rates within Monroe County, by Race/Ethnicity
People Living with HIV
People Living with HIV by Race/Ethnicity
People Living with AIDS
People Living with AIDS by Race/Ethnicity
Percent of Days with Good Air Quality
Alcohol-related Crashes
Median Home Value
Admissions to Substance Abuse Treatment by Primary Substance
Median Rental Prices
Housing Affordability for Homeowners
Housing Affordability for Homeowners by Race/Ethnicity
Overall Housing Cost Burden
Housing Affordability for Renters
Rent Burdened Households
Housing Affordability for Renters by Race/Ethnicity
Homeownership Rate
Homeownership Rate by Race/Ethnicity
Vacant Housing Units
Homeless Persons
Serious Crimes
Violent Crimes
Victims of Domestic Violence
Incarceration Rates
Incarceration Rates, by Race/Ethnicity
Arrest Rates
Arrest Rates, by Race/Ethnicity