ACT Rochester
An Initiative of Rochester Area Community Foundation

 ACT Rochester's purpose is to continue to change the culture of decision-making through the use of credible, independent and timely data coupled with sound analysis and research reports so as to enable people to LEARN about critical issues, CONNECT with other and ACT to promote change. ACT Rochester is more than a warehouse for data. Staff is engaged in local initiatives to encourage the development of goals, targets and accountability so that our community can better identify and measure progress.

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2022 Annual Report Card Event
Make Change Happen
ACT Rochester celebrated being back in person together to discuss important trends. Learn more about this years event and dowload the lastest report card.

The Mechanics of Monroe County’s Rental Housing Market

By mixed methodology, the central aim of this project has been to collect and analyze a variety of data and then, through rigorous evaluation and reliance on insights and experience, describe the mechanics of Monroe County rental housing market as it exists in 2021. Four summary elements of the Monroe County rental housing market are especially helpful in describing how the county’s rental market appears to be working, as this report has detailed. Read the full report here.

Interested in additional context about the framing of the study and some of its key recommendations? Click here to view a video of CZB’s presentation to the RMAPI Housing Workgroup.

Sexual Health in Rochester/Monroe County
Sexually Transmitted Infections Are a Shared Problem with Shared Solutions

In conjunction with Triliium Health, this report summarizes evidence for our community to develop a comprehensive framework to promote sexual health and prevent and treat sexually transmitted infections (STIs). The fundamentals of this framework include having health care providers routinely take a sexual history, improving convenience and capacity of STI screening, enhancing education for prevention and treatment, and developing a view of sex and sexuality that is more affirming and less stigmatizing for the patient.

Read the full report here and the press release here.

Hard Facts Update: Race and Ethnicity in the Nine-County Greater Rochester Area

 Hard Facts Update examines the substantial gaps in educational and economic outcomes among persons of different racial and ethnic backgrounds. New in this report are ideas and resources to stimulate conversations leading to fuller understanding and community action – a process for community change - three suggested levels of learning supported by a PowerPoint Slide Presentation. Click here to download the Hard Facts 2020 PowerPoint Presentation.


This section provides analysis and data of critical topics in our community, including racial and ethnic disparities, poverty, and educational achievement.


Race and Ethnicity Indicators & Report
"Hard Facts: Race and Ethnicity in the Nine-County Greater Rochester Area" examines the substantial gaps in educational and economic outcomes among persons of different racial and ethnic backgrounds.  


Poverty Indicators & Reports
These reports provide updates on poverty, self-sufficiency and efforts to lift communities across the nine-county Greater Rochester region.
  • Progress Report: A Roadmap for Change / Rochester-Monroe Anti-Poverty Initiative
  • Benchmarking Rochester's Poverty / A 2015 Update
  • Poverty and Self-Sufficiency in the Nine-County Greater Rochester Area


ROC the Future Indicators & Report
This section provides report cards tracking key measures of well-being for children and youth in the City of Rochester, from cradle to career.
Create your own Dashboard of Key Indicators

This section provides a quick, at-a-glance graphic summary of indicators for a variety of geographies and populations. Select the county, city or group of interest and display all indicators with available data, or a subset of your choosing. Dashboards can be created for racial and ethnic groups as well as regions, in order to show how different populations are faring. 


The Community Report Cards aggregate data from more than 100 community indicators on the site and use symbols, colors and arrows to provide a quick, at-a-glance overview of the well-being of the county. This data cover the topics of Children and Youth, Community Vitality, Economic Security, Economy, Education, Health, Housing, and Public Safety.

January, 2020 - Unmarried and Single Parents in Poverty [Report] READ MORE
December, 2019 - Press Release: 2019 U.S. Census Data Show Rochester Poverty, Child Poverty Rates Decrease READ MORE

December, 2019 - Our Region's #1 Health Concern is Poverty READ MORE
September, 2019 - Common Ground Health Explores the "Food & Health Connection" READ MORE

August, 2019 - The Hispanic & Latino community in Monroe County READ MORE
April, 2019 - ACT Rochester's Annual Report Card Event: Reflecting on Our Past; Focusing on Our Future READ MORE

March, 2019 - Join ACT Rochester for the Annual Community Report Card Event - April 4th!! READ MORE
February, 2019 - Middle School Students Take ACT's "Hard Facts" Data on the Latest Leg of Their Learning Expedition READ MORE

Ten years ago, a group of visionary people and two leading nonprofit organizations decided to do a remarkably bold thing — they worked together to launch ACT Rochester. This robust “public utility” makes more than 100 community data indicators available to everyone on a nationally recognized website for free.

ACT Rochester is more than just a website. Over the past decade, it has become a facilitator and champion for change in our region. Its focus is and has been to help all of us learn, connect and then act. Using data, ACT Rochester has:

  • Initiated a series of cutting-edge studies on poverty and race, which led to major new community-wide initiatives to deal with these difficult issues;
  • Convened strategic roundtables of organizations and individuals wanting to discuss, explore and take action on significant community challenges;
  • Sponsored an annual Report Card Event to share key updated indicators on the health and well-being of our region; and
  • Increased understanding of poverty and the concentration of poverty through poverty simulations and informal discussions in the suburbs and surrounding counties.
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of ACT Rochester’s decade of impact!
ACT 10 Year Timeline

Reflecting on Our Past; Focusing on Our Future

The 2019 Annual Report Card Event drew in an audience of more than 225 representing the government, business, nonprofit, faith-based and education sectors. The event focused on keeping data relevant, reflecting on accomplishments, and focusing on future “impACT.” As discussed during the event, you can find Our Community Report Card presentation here.

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